Empowering homeless women and their children to achieve permanent, independent living.

3-R Project: Rest, Restore, Rebuild

Women who are homeless are desperate for a safe bed to sleep in…will you help them? They have been living in awful circumstances, struggling to pull together the most basic necessities: shelter from the elements, food to eat, safety for their children, and a warm, safe bed in which to sleep.

In Lake County it’s easy for homeless people to go unseen. They sleep in their cars or slip onto a park bench when no one is around. Some of our residents report sleeping in the doorways of closed businesses, the steps outside a church, anyplace where they can try to get a few hours of rest, if not actual sleep. For women and children, there is the constant threat of being hurt and a profound sense of vulnerability.

3R Project mother with baby

When they make it to the Haven, our residents feel as if their luck has finally changed. They are in a safe, warm home, surrounded by people who care for them. They have nutritious food, someone to confide in, a shoulder to cry on. All of this is available to them only because of your generous support.

There is a problem though, and it’s one you can solve. Many of our beds are no longer usable. We need to replace them. And so we have started the 3-R Project. This fund aims to help women rest, restore, and rebuild their lives. All of that starts after a good night’s sleep. We are asking you to donate to this fund which will help us replace the broken beds in our shelter and housing program with new ones which we will purchase at a discount.

Please donate today to support this fund! Your gift will provide a warm, safe, comfortable bed, a good night’s sleep, and the chance for a family to rebuild in the morning. On behalf of those families: thank you!

Help the families at the Haven REST, RESTORE, and REBUILD their lives.

Program Achievements

of our residents graduated to the next level of safe, stable, independent living!
of our residents learned skills to manage their finances.
of our residents saved a nest egg.